The Dollar Tree Has Coca-Cola Glasses Starting at 50 Cents!


Coca-Cola glasses, glassware, The Dollar Tree

My husband’s friend told us that the Dollar Tree has a variety of Coca-Cola glasses. Luckily, there is one in our town. So we went and behold — Coca-Cola glasses starting at $.50! The little one on the right was 50 cents and the rest were a dollar. So we brought a whole cabinet full of glasses!

Coca-Cola glasses from The Dollar Tree

Coca-Cola Glasses from The Dollar Tree store


Our Coca-Cola Pitcher


Coca-Cola glass pitcher

It’s been so long since I posted. I feel so bad but we have been buying. I know I said that before but I promise I will post all of our buys. Our last buy was actually at the Meadowlands Flea Market in East Rutherford, NJ, which is open every Saturday. We were browsing when we came across this beautiful glass pitcher. On one side, it says “Coca-Cola” and on the other it says, “Coke.” The guy wanted $5 but we negotiated for $3 and I must say, I’m extremely happy because it was our first time going to this flea market and our first buy was a Coca-Cola item. We have been enjoying countless pitchers of Iced Tea…:) Continue reading

Hangout in the Coca-Cola Archives


Coca-Cola Archives, Google + Hangout, Jamal Booker, Ted Ryan

Are you on Google + and a big fan of Coca-Cola merchandise? If so, please check out the latest interaction from the Coca-Cola Archives team. On Thursday, February 16th at 2pm EST, the team will be giving you a virtual tour on their archives through Google Hangouts. This technology will give you a behind the scenes look at the storage space. Very exciting!

Coca-Cola Archives Google+ Hangout

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Let’s Play Dominoes


Coca-Cola dominos, family game night, petretti

My husband was browsing on eBay when he found a Dominoes (or dominos) on sale for $15. Initially, he only asked me if I liked to play the game and I said yes. When I was a kid we had family game night and dominoes was one of the many games we used to play. Then he said he never played. I told him buy it and I’ll teach you.

A few days later, I was going through Allen Petretti’s book when I came across the Dominoes set we recently purchased. With box, all the pieces and in mint condition, this set is worth $50. What a pleasant surprise! Another great item to add to our collection.

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Beware of Fake Coca-Cola Bottles


Coca-Cola Bottle Man, eBay Review Guide on Coca-Cola, fake purple coca-cola bottle

Fake purple Coca-Cola bottleBeware of Coca-Cola bottles sold on eBay. My husband and I saw a bottle sold on eBay for $115 today. It was a dark purple contour bottle. Now I don’t know much about bottles but I do know that contour bottles are not worth that much money because so many of them have been made and they can easily survive years because of its durability. Also, there is no such thing as a purple Coca-Cola bottle. According to, dark purple is not a natural color for these bottles and is caused by irradiating clear bottles. The older Coke bottles had manganese that will turn the bottle dark purple when irradiated.

So please, do your research and don’t pay for a bottle that is worthless.

If you have any questions about Coca-Cola bottles read the following helpful blogs/articles:

The Bible: Warman’s Coca-Cola Collectibles by Allan Petretti


Allan Petretti, Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide

Allan-Petretti-Coca-Cola-CollectiblesSorry we haven’t written in a while but believe it or not, we have been busy buying buying buying! We have a lot of cool Coca-Cola items and I can’t wait to post them up for you. However, we also have been receiving a few emails about items that people already have.

As collectors, we love to see what other people have and what they are willing to trade or sell. However, we probably don’t know as much as we should and that’s why we have been doing our homework. I recommend that you do the same.

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The Schmidt Museum’s Second Auction


Coca-Cola soda fountain, Second Coca-Cola Memorabilia auction, The Schmidt Museum

Schmidt Museum LogoJust got an email today from The Schmidt Museum of Coca-Cola® Memorabilia. They already scheduled a second auction to be held Elizabethtown, KY on March 24 & 25, 2012.

This auction will have 700 pieces that include some of the biggest and oldest items in our collection. They include a Liquid Carbonics soda fountain from the 1893 Columbian Exhibition, large outdoor lighted signs, rare bottles, posters, banners, serving trays, lights and toys. There’s even a Pemberton’s 1880s French Wine Coca mirror pre dating Coca-Cola. Continue reading

Coca-Cola Coolers in Cracker Barrel


Coca-Cola coolers, Cracker Barrel

This past weekend my husband and I made a trip to Maryland to watch the Redskins vs. Jets game (our green team won). On our way, we decided to stop by the Cracker Barrel in Bel Air, MD on I-95 Exit 80. It was my first time ever at a Cracker Barrel so I was immediately excited. I heard so many great things about this restaurant that I knew I had to visit one day. Well, that day came and it was fabulous. The first thing I saw was this:

Vintage Coca-Cola Cooler in Cracker Barrel, Maryland

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Schmidt Museum Brings in 3.3 Million


auction, Schmidt Museum

Schmidt Museum of Coca-ColaSo the weekend of September 17 and 18, the Schmidt Museum held the most anticipated auction for Coca-Cola collectors. Many people all over the nation attend (wish I was there).

Three items sold for six figures each with another going for $95,000.
“It’s extremely rare to see a piece of advertising art of any type go for more than $100,000,” says Larry Schmidt who organized the auction. “We’re extremely happy with the results. This sale shows the power of the Coca-Cola brand and the passion collectors have for Coke memorabilia.” Continue reading